TS 16949 certified.

• 100% surface hardness is checked on HRC after Induction hardening.

• 100% Ultrasonic Testing : after straightening process post induction hardening to certify for absence of internal flaws.

• 100% Crack detection:- before dispatch to certify for crack free surface.

• HR15N to check for Induction hardening depth at location.

Micro Vickers hardness tester for HV inspection or Effective case depth

Each lot of steel is checked for
  • Chemical composition
  • Grain Size
  • Inclusion Rating
  • Jomeny Hardenability
  • Step down Test
Standards Room:-
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Surface finish Testers
  • Spline Gauges – Go and NOGO
  • Slip Gauge Box –zero grade
  • Calibration as per schedule
Heat code Generation on forged area for Raw Material traceability

Induction hardening date punch on each Axle Shaft.